My name is Ashleigh,

(but you can call me ash!) I go to an intermediate school in hawkes bay and i am

a year 7 my fave language to learn is spanish , my fave thing to do in my spear

time is listen to music and write in my diary i also like to decorate,acesorize and

go SHOPPING . My fave thing to do all the time is to go kaking


How did your movie turn out?
My movie turned out alright but now that i know heaps of little short-cuts i would definetly start over agian

Are you happy with your final product?
I am happy i love the my movie turned out

Do you feel like you made an “excellent” Movie? Why or Why not?
No ,
it was all of a bit rushed so I could definitely do better if I had more time !.

Was it difficult to create? Why?


What did you learn about MovieMaker during this part of the project?
That it is so cool

What do you feel you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of MovieMaker?

More of the vidio effeccts so i could make my movie more exciting and so that is all i think about that!

Did you enjoy this part of the project? Why or Why not?