My names Santana Im turning 12 very soon. I have two Brothers and one Sister. They are very annoying. I like to be very funny and active. I love to shop with my cousins.I have a very cute nephew who is turning 2 years old. I dont really like Maths but Im good at it. Im good at puzzles and I love them too. I love to make new friends. I can speak English of course some Moari and Spanish. We have no swimming pool at my school which is a bit of a bummer because I like to swim.In my spare time I like to draw pictures or finish off my homework. I love to stay with my friends after school because we go to the pools and play Marco Polo(my friends always cheat)so when they call Marco I say cheaters. I go to a Intermediate on the East Coast of New Zealand. I love to hang in my room with my CD player and guitar. I write beats with my guitar. They sound O.K they still need a bit more work.

How well did your movie turn out
I think my movie turned out well, it could have been better especially my citations.

Are you happy with your final product?
Yes I'm happy with my final product, I could have made it much better.

Do you feel like you made an “excellent” Movie? Why or Why not?
No not exellent because my first try at making the movie was not so good, I can improve next time.

Was it difficult to create? Why?
It was not difficult, the only kind of hard thing was getting the images.

What did you learn about MovieMaker during this part of the project?
I learn't how to use MovieMaker and how to import images.

What do you feel you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of MovieMaker?
My citations and effects.

Did you enjoy this part of the project? Why or Why not?
I really enjoyed making a movie for Malaysia to see, especially for them to see what makes me feel good.