Hi, my name is Kendra and I am a 11year old girl. I go to an intermediate school in New Zealand. I have a really cool teacher and heaps of great friends there.At school I like to play with my friends on the field. We love to walk around and just talk or swing on the monkey bars.

My favourite subjects are International Languages, in which I learn French, English because I enjoy writing stories - particularily fantasy, I.T., which stands for information technology because I like fiddling around and library time becaus I love reading books. I also like specialist. Specialist is a subject in which our class is divided into five groups for because we are going to be sent to five different places. We either go to Hard Materials, Visual Art, Performance Art, Video Technology or Cooking. We go about once or twice a week. Specialist is really fun.

In my spare time I like to go biking, scootering, playing with my friends, drawing, listening to music, and if I ever get any spare time away from the noise and clamour of my family, I like to settle down with a good book and read.