On this page you will find the assignment sheets for this project. Students in Malaysia will follow the Technology Design Cycle to complete their videos:

Task 1: Student Intro Page Requirements:

Part I:
You will need to introduce yourself on the students page. Please include information that is appropriate for school and safe for this online environment. Include:
  • A short introduction to yourself: your hobbies, your interests, places you've lived, basics about your family.
  • Some images that represent you (always following the online safety guidelines) and your life here in Malaysia (remember, if you use pictures that you did not take yourself, include the URL of the image).
  • Some of your favorite websites (that are appropriate for school).
  • A link to your blog, and another websites, blogs or wikis that you have made and would like to share with our international classmates.

Part II:
Say hello to your partners! Read through the introductions of the students in the other class. Leave a note for at least 2 or 3 people by clicking on the discussion tab of their page and starting a conversation.

Task 2: Investigate

Discover what makes a good movie and start brainstorming what you will include in your own movie. Use the assignment and rubric below:

Assignment nzflag_sm.jpg
Rubric malaysiaflag_sm.gif nzflag_sm.jpg

Task 3: Plan

Storyboard your movie to make sure it flows. Use the assignment sheet and rubric below:

Checklist nzflag_sm.jpg
Rubric nzflag_sm.jpg
Reflectmalaysiaflag_sm.gif nzflag_sm.jpg

Task 4: Create

Create your movie using your storyboard from Task 3. Use the assignment sheet and rubric below:

Checklist malaysiaflag_sm.gif
Checklist nzflag_sm.jpg
Rubric malaysiaflag_sm.gif
Rubric nzflag_sm.jpg

Once you are satisfied with your movie, make sure you have another student Peer Review your finished product before you turn it in for grading. After you have made any necessary changes, export your movie, and post it on blip.tv so that we can embed your movies into your wiki page here.

Task 4: Evaluate

How did it go? Reflect on the process using the assignment sheet with rubric below:

Evaluate malaysiaflag_sm.gif
Evaluate nzflag_sm.jpg

Task 5: Portfolio

Share what you have learned throughout this process by documenting your work on all of the above tasks. Use the assignment sheets and rubrics linked below:

Portfolio Aissignment malaysiaflag_sm.gif