My name is Keegan and I go to a Intermediate school I love mountain biking i go when ever i can my bike is
$800.I like to draw cartoons i like to play on my tramp and do back and front flips i love to play on my playstation and XBOX
with my brothers.Me and my brother like to watch wrestling my favourite wrestler is John Cena .I love watching horror movies
I am in year 7 I play soccrer on Saturday mornings I love to wave board and surf and i love going to Australia on holiday my
favourite animal is a kitten because they are so playful and cute i like to eat fruit and lollies and i dont mind vegetables


How did your movie turn out?
I feel my movie turned out pretty good because I have all images in the right.

Are you happy with your final product?
I am happy with my final product because every thing is in the right order.

Do you feel like you made an “excellent” movie maker? Why or Why not?
Yes I feel I made a exalent movie because the images are the things that make me feel good.

Was it difficult to create? Why?
It was not very difficult to create the movie because I have used movie maker
once before.

What did you learn about Movie maker during this part of the project?
I learnt how to add music to my movie

What do you feel you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of Movie maker?
I feel I need to learn how to add some videos clips on movie maker to be more advanced
did you enjoy this part of the projecet? Why or Why not?
Yes I did enjoy this part of the project because I enjoy doing projects on
a computer