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During this part of the project, we finally had to create our iMovie. It was the part that I was really looking forward to because we spent so much time on planning what the movie would be like, and how we would make our movies. I think that this part of the project was the most fun.

This part of the project showed that I was a self-directed learner and a critical thinker. I think that I was a self-directed learner because I figured things out by myself when I wasn't sure how to do something while making my iMovie. For example, when I was working with the audio and I wanted it to repeat, I copied and pasted the part that I wanted to play, but it seemed to disappear. Later, I found out that when you paste audio, it appears way after the end of the movie. This showed me being a critical thinker and self-directed learner because I figured out what I needed to know by myself.


I think my movie turned out pretty good. I didn’t really get to put a transition for each clip, but I don’t think I really needed so many transitions because it might distract people who are watching my movie. I also didn’t manage to put in a video clip of me kicking a soccer ball because I didn’t find the time to film it. I’m not sure if the movie would be better if I had the clip, because I thought it might confuse or distract people. I think my movie can do without it though.

I am really happy with the final product because my movie has pictures of everything I like in it showing while my favorite song is playing! I also felt so good when I finished because I put so much time into the movie and I think it turned out really good. I will definitely put my movie into my portfolio so that my parents can watch it. I am really happy with my movie.

I do think that my movie is excellent because I know that I spent so much time and effort on my movie, and it turned out almost exactly how I wanted it to be. I also think the song fits the movie because it’s a bit slow, but not too slow. I also thought that my movie is pretty easy to understand because it has titles separating topics, like sports, food, and music. Also, the things in my movie aren’t things only in my life, so it makes it a bit easier to relate to or understand.

Most of making my movie was pretty easy to create. Putting in the pictures, titles and effects were all easy. The only hard part was getting the song right because I didn’t want the whole song because it was too long. So I had to cut out the intro and one chorus. This was really annoying because I always had to find the exact spot to cut it so that it would be the part of the song that I wanted that played. Then, I had to put the parts of the song where I wanted them to be heard and at the end I had to make the song fade. That took up most of my time. When I was done with the song, I was basically finished already.

During this part of the project, I learned that iMovie is a bit weird sometimes. Some of my pictures can be seen in the movie, but they won’t show up when I’m editing. Also, I thought my song would disappear, but it would just be really far back at the end of the movie. I knew basically everything else about iMovie when we were learning how to use it. I thought it would be a bit like windows movie maker, but it is very different.

To be a more advanced user of iMovie, I think I need to learn how to edit video clips that are put in because I never worked with video clips in iMovie. Since I don’t have a Mac computer at home, I don’t think I can learn this by myself. I will need to wait until the next time I have to do an iMovie at school. If I do make movies at home, when I word with iMovie again, I’ll have to get used to it because I got used to windows movie maker.

I really enjoyed making my movie. This was the part of IT that I was looking forward to. I liked this part of the project because I enjoy making movies. My favorite part of making my iMovie was adding effects and music. I especially liked adding music because it was a bit of a challenge, so I learned something from it. I also liked that the topic was what we like because it made the project easier to enjoy. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if we had to make a movie about the ESLRs.