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This part of the project was just evaluating on our completed project. We had to write our final reflection. This reflection was about the whole project (Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate) and what we thought about our finished product.

In this part of the project, I demonstrated being an academic achiever because my movie turned out almost exactly how I planned it out to be. The only part that I planned, but wasn't in the movie was the video clip. I was really pleased with my project, and was really happy when I finally finished it after working for such a long time.

These were the guidelines for this part of the assignment:


1) Are you happy with your finished work on this project? Why or why not? What would you change about your project if you could do it again?
I am very happy with my finished work on this project because it almost turned out exactly how I wanted it to be when I was planning my movie out. I think this represents me being a self-directed learner, because I went through with my planning from the beginning and I learned by myself how useful planning is. If I were to do this project again, I don’t think I’d want to change anything because I like my movie the way it is now.

2) Which parts of the project (Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate) did you like the best and which did you like the least? Why?
My favorite part in this project was probably the Create assignment. This was my favorite part because we finally started to make our movie. I found this really fun because I had never done an iMovie before and I was eager to try it. My favorite part was putting in the effects and audio. It was fun because I was just adding the final touches to make my movie better. Adding effects was easy, but fixing up the audio was pretty challenging. I had to learn how to cut the audio. To do this, I had to find the exact spot to cut it so that it wouldn’t sound funny when people watched my movie. Sometimes, when I would cut and paste the audio because I wanted it to repeat, it frustrated me a lot because when I would paste the audio, it would end up way past the end of my movie. This made me have to drag it all the way back to where I wanted the particular part of audio to play. I think putting the audio in showed that I was a critical thinker because I had to solve some problems with minimal help.

3) Did the technology design cycle (Investigate, Plan, Create, Evaluate) help you organize and complete your project? Why or why not?
The technology design cycle helped me a lot in my project. If I didn’t use the design cycle, I wouldn’t be bothered to investigate, plan or evaluate. I would probably just create, and my project would’ve taken me a lot longer, and it wouldn’t have been as good if I didn’t plan. The design cycle also taught me how much of a difference it makes when you plan before starting what you make. Now I will be more likely to plan before creating something. I think realizing how much planning helps shows me being a self-directed learner because I wasn’t really asked to notice that, and I learned independently.

4) How did you grow as a learner during this project? Think about more than just technology skills you learned.
During this project, I learned how to be a self-directed learner. I think that I learned this because I realized that I was learning things without the teacher teaching them. For example, when I was putting in my audio, every time I pasted audio it would “disappear”. Later, I learned that it would just appear way after the end of my movie. I also learned how to cut the audio by myself (apple + T). I also learned the importance of planning. It could save you hours of working if you plan before doing something. Before this project, I wouldn’t plan if I didn’t have to because I was too eager to start the project that I was going to do.