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In this part of the project, we had to get prepared to make our iMovie. We brainstorm what we would put in our iMovie to get an idea of what pictures we needed to get. Then we had to find at least 10 pictures of things that make us happy to put in our iMovie. Once we were done with all of that, we had to start learning how to use iMovie.


While we were on the investigate part of the project, I think that I mainly demonstrated being a critical thinker. I was a critical thinker because I had to think about what I was going to put in my movie, and how I was going to put it in. For example, I really love sports, so I had to find pictures of me playing a sport without my face in the picture. I only managed to find one picture of me playing soccer without my face. I also had to be a bit creative when I asked my brother to take the picture of me playing the guitar. I had to be creative when I took pictures during this part of the project.


This is my research:

Check out my brainstorm:bea_storyboardthumb.png


1) What pictures will you include? How do these pictures represent things that make you happy?
In my iMovie, I’m putting pictures of my favorite soccer player, me playing soccer (without my face in it), ice cream, Taco Bell, books, my iPod, my guitar, and some of my favorite bands albums. These represent what makes me happy because most of these things are what I like to do. Because my favorite sport is soccer, I decided to put a picture of me playing soccer. I also put pictures of my favorite soccer players, like Thierry Henry and Mia Hamm. The other things, like taco bell and ice cream represent what I like to eat. Many the things that make me happy are my hobbies, but some foods make me happy too. My family and friends also make me happy, but since we’re not allowed to put people’s faces, I decided there wouldn’t really be a point in adding that in my movie.

2) What special features of iMovie will you use to make your movie exciting to your audience?

To keep my audience watching my iMovie, I’m going to put some of my favorite music on. That way, even if my audience finds the pictures boring, the music will wake them up. I’ll also try to put a video clip so that it isn’t just pictures. When the pictures are playing, I’m going to put dynamic transitions so that it will catch the audience’s attention before each picture. I’m pretty new to iMovie, so I’ll probably add more effects once I’m more comfortable using iMovie.

3) What challenges will you face when completing this project? How will you overcome them?

When I’m making my iMovie, I think it will be hard making the video clip because I have to find someone to film for me and if I make a mistake, I have to get it filmed again. When I’m done filming, I might have to edit the clip, but by that time I should already be comfortable using iMovie so it shouldn’t be so hard. Since we’re using iMovie to make a newscast in newspaper, I’ll be learning how to use the application in both I.T. and newspaper. So it should make it a bit easier for me because I’m using iMovie more often and I shouldn’t run into as many problems as if I wasn’t using iMovie in newspaper as well as I.T.