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Hi I'm Bea, and I am 12 years old in 6th grade and this is my online portfolio for all of the work that I have done in I.T. (information technology) this quarter. Our assignment this quarter was to create an iMovie about things that make us happy so that we could show students in New Zealand and see what things we had in common with them. We completed the iMovie using the design cycle: Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate.

In this portfolio, you will see what i did for each step of the design cycle to complete my iMovie. Everything I have done has been organized into four pages: Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate (according to the design cycle).

In our iMovie project, I mainly learned how to use iMovie and how to create a good movie. Before this portfolio, have also done other projects at school using technology such as: my blog, codeblue, and I am currently working on a wikispace for math. I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

To see the guidelines for this assignment, click here.