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In this part of the project, we had to plan out exactly what we were going to put in our iMovie. We planned out our iMovie using a storyboard (below) to show the order of the clips, the titles, the audio and the effects that we were going to put into the clip. We had to plan in a lot of detail so that it would be really easy for us by the time we started making the movie. That way, we would already know exactly what to do and it would save us a lot of time.

During this part of the project, I think i demonstrated being a critical thinker. Planning the iMovie had the most decisions to make and took up most of the time in the whole project. This part required me to figure out exactly what I was going to put in my movie, what order the clips were in, the effects, titles and the audio for each clip. I think that this was the hardest part in the project because we had to make out movie without using iMovie yet.

This is my storyboard:

My iMovie will represent the things that make me happy because it will show pictures which symbolize the things that I like to do. For example, my favorite sport is soccer, so I decided to put a little video clip of me kicking a ball (without my face in it). Also, one of my favorite songs (Memory by Sugarcult) will be playing while pictures relating to the music I like are showing. There isn’t one thing in my movie that I don’t like.

I chose to put the pictures in this order to show what I like most in the beginning. I put sports in the beginning part of my movie to show that those are my favorite things. All the other slides aren’t really in an order showing which I like best to which I like least. I think if it were in that order, the movie might get a little boring towards the end since I didn’t like those things as much. That’s why I put music near the end because music is probably my second favorite thing. This way, I think that the audience shouldn’t get bored.

I grouped my pictures in categories of sports, food, music, and books. That way, my audience wouldn’t be confused on what was appearing in the movie. If I just put in the pictures randomly, there would be pictures just flashing all over the place, and the audience wouldn’t have any idea what was going on. This is why I think grouping my pictures in an appropriate way is very important in my movie.

I plan to make all of the pictures transitions disintegrate, so that it isn’t too distracting for the audience. I think if I made random transitions throughout my movie it might bother the audience and distract them because they might only focus on the transition. The only different transition will probably be in the end after the credits to make it fade away, so that it really makes the movie look like it’s ending.

The effects I added, were lightning, fog, pitch changer and flash. These will help enhance my movie in case the audience gets bored. The effects will hopefully wake them up if ever the movie gets boring, which I hope will not happen. I chose these effects because they’re catchy to the eye and they’re dynamic. I also tried to make them go with the picture I put it on.

I enjoyed this part of the project because I was already making my movie, just not yet on iMovie. I thought it was good that we had to plan everything out before just going into iMovie and sticking random pictures of what we like into our movie. Since we planned beforehand, when we start working on iMovie, we will be confident, and will know exactly what to put and exactly where to put it in our movie.

When I create my movie I might have trouble making my video clip. It sounds easy to film somebody kicking a soccer ball, but I need to think about the lighting, and angle, and I might need a tripod or somewhere stable to place the camera so it doesn’t wobble. I also would like to film this in the field so that the little clip has the “soccer feeling” of being on the field. So that I don’t run into these problems, I’ll plan exactly when I’m going to film and make sure to bring a tripod, or borrow from somebody. I’ll probably ask somebody to come with me to film me in case I have trouble.