Hi my name is Carrie. I live in a family of four, my mum my dad and my brother.
I love sports. I do competitive gymnastics and I train 9 hours a week. I also play netball
but I might not be able to play this season because I have a few injuries and they aren't
getting any better. I have one cat and his name is Chaz. He's really cute and he always
wants to be cuddled. I like to read and to write made up stories. I also like painting because
I am quite good at it. I am in extension art at school. We have a system at school called specialists.
What happens is that we get split into groups within our learning teams, Kaweka, Takitimu and Mohaka.
(we are in Kaweka, it rocks) We go off to either Art, Hard materials, Cooking, Performing arts or Video tec.
We have about 12 lessons in each area.


How did your movie turn out?
I think that my movie turned out well because I made the titles and credits
look nice by changing the font and the colours. I feel that my movie flowed
well with the transitions and how it zoomed in then out.

Are you happy with your final product?
I am pleased with my photos because I took most of them myself.
I also think that my movie went well with the music. So I was pleased with my finished project.

Do you feel like you made an “excellent” Movie? Why or Why not?
I don't think that my movie was excellent because I was only learning to
use movie maker for the first time but I think that I did well and my movie was
good for a first movie. The next movie that I make will be better because I
will be more familier with moviemaker.

Was it difficult to create? Why?
No I didn't think that my movie was difficult to create because I could allways ask
for help if I needed it. But I didn't have to much trouble with my movie anyway.

What did you learn about MovieMaker during this part of the project?
I learnt that you have to write down each website that you used but I only
wrote that I used Google. I also learnt to be carefull when I save my work cause
I lost my whole movie when I was close to being finished.

What do you feel you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of MovieMaker?

Did you enjoy this part of the project? Why or Why not?