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This is the part of the technology design cycle where we did research for our movies. For research we found pictures that represented what makes us happy and cited them.


For this part of the project, I think that I was a critical thinker because i built an understanding for iMovie using prior knowladge and new information to fill out the "user guide" we did to help us learn to use iMovie. And when we made our brainstorms in Inspiration I


Check out my research:
Check out my brainstorm: brainstorm_sophie.jpg


What pictures will you include? How do these pictures represent things that make you happy?

I will include pictures of my favorite things, interests and hobbies. For example I might have pictures of my favorite foods like chocolate covered strawberries, favorite animals like dogs cats and horses. I might also have pictures of things I like to do, like art and swimming.

What special features of iMovie will you use to make your movie exiting to your audience?

Some of the special features I will use to make my movie more exciting to my audience are adding effects to my pictures, using different transitions and adding interesting text in different styles. I will also use a lot of different kinds of pictures as well as using different backgrounds.

What challenges will you face when completing this project? How will you overcome them?

I think that over the course of the project I will experience some difficulty when trying to add certain effects to the movie. I might also have some difficulty when trying to arrange recorded sound clips, pictures or movie clips. I will overcome these challenges by looking back on my iMovie practice sheets or investigating to find the right things to do.