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This is my create page. Here we had to use all the materials we prepared for the major part of this project, that is the iMovie. In the iMovie we all had alot of techinical problems wich Mrs. Coffino handled quite well.


I think that in this part of the project I met the affective comminucator ESLR because I communicated affectivly through my movie to the audience and I made them understand the things that make me happy.

my iMovie

Reflection on iMovie

How did your movie turn out?

My movie turned out well since I got it on time and everything was really good. Although my movie gave me problems such as the audio and getting the audio right took me a while. I have full confident that my movie is the best that I can do and I had put in a lot of effort in it.

Are you happy with your end result?
Yes I am happy with my end result because even though I had a few problems I still got it in time and everything went smoothly at the end stages of my movie.

Do you feel that you have created an excellent movie? Why or why not?
I think that I have done a good job with my whole project because I have got all the things that are needed apart from the audio since I had a few problems with it

Was it easy or difficult or easy to create? Why?
It was difficult to create the movie because I had a lot of problems and we needed to overcome them and it was also the first time that I created an iMovie and there were some difficulties which was tough to overcome but I had managed to do it with the help of Mrs. Cofino and my colleagues. So it was rather tough.

What you learn about iMovie during this part of the project?
I learned a lot of things especially in the editing of the clips and including transitions and audio. I also learned how to overcome problems and that will help me a lot. I learned that iMovie has a lot of features that makes the iMovie more and more interesting.

What do you feel that you need to learn now to be a more advanced user of iMovie?
I need to learn how to use the audio functions as well as how to make a clip shorter or longer and maybe if I get these things right then maybe I will be able to be a more advanced user of the iMovie.

Did you enjoy this part of the project why or why not?
I did enjoy this part of the project because I got to explore and learn more about iMovie and so many things that I didn’t know about iMovie that Mrs. Cofino helped me to understand them. It was a lot of fun doing this part of the project as we got do more new and exciting things every time.