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This part of the project is called evaluate. here we evaluated each othe by using the peer review method. we had to type out a reflection for each step and then ask one of our classmates to see or project and then they will review on it that is called peer review.

In this part of the project I think I met the acadamec achiver ESLR because I achieved my movie that part was the biggest part of the project and all the other things.



Evaluate Reflection

Are you happy with your finished work on this project? Why or why not? What would you change about your project if you were to do it again?

I think I am happy with my work but again I had some minor problems which I overcame with the help of Mrs. Cofino and Emma. I had some problems with my audio because my song was to long and when I reduce the length the words were overlapping and it was really sounding bad. I would change the audio and make it different songs combined so that in different sections of the movie the audio would emphasize it and make it a better movie.

How well did you work in class? Were you productive and on task? Why or why not? What would you change about your work performance on this project? Why?

At the beginning of class I was a bit lethargic on my work but Mrs. Cofino corrected me a couple of times and from then on I became more and more productive in class and I was getting all my work on time. I was on task at the later stages of the iMovie. I would change my attitude towards work. I also want to try hard and focus on my work like I did in the later stages.

How did you grow as a learner during this project? Think about more that just technology skills you learned?

I grew as a learner in a lot of ways especially in learning skills and one of the ESLRS which is the effective communicator. That is very useful to us because we had to communicate to help each other and plus we need appropriate language and grammar for the yack pack so that also covers English section.