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This part of the project is the first step for us. Its called the investigate. Here we gather up all the material we needed like the pictures. We also explored the iMovie because most of us did not know how to use iMovie. After that we did a brainstorm here we all made the brainstorm based on what makes me happy?. We also did a reflection on the topic investigate that of course includes the brain storm and research.


The one ESLR I met was the self directed learner because I did not disturb any one or get disturbed by any one and all my work was original.



This is my research which all my pictures are there.


(1) What pictures will you include? How do these pictures represent things that make you happy?

In my movie I will include all sorts of pictures that make me happy especially my favorite pictures like cars that makes me happy because I am going to be a car designer and engineer. So all the pictures that I am going to include will have something to do with me as all of them make me happy.

(2) What special features of the iMovie will you use to make your iMovie exciting to your audience?

I will use some features of the iMovie such as the sound synchronizing with the pictures and other things that I have yet to discover in iMovie.

(3) What challenges will you face when completing this project? How will you overcome them?

I will face some challenges when completing this project. I will have problems with the things that I difficulties with. I don’t know the problems as yet but when I start this project I will know. I will overcome these problems by asking Miss Cofino or my friends, following instructions and exploring the iMovie.