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This part of the project is called the PLAN. In this part of the project we planed out our whole movie down below you will see my storyboard where I sorted out all the pictures, titles. sctipts and transitions.


For this part of the project I think I met the academic achiver ESLR because I achieved my goal on time even though I had to stay back after school alot of times.



How does this movie represent your life?
This movie represents my life in a lot of ways firstly I have got all the things that make me happy including pictures and scripts. The movie also has a lot of personal touches that makes the movie special.

Why did you choose to put these pictures in this order?
I chose this order of the pictures because the first few pictures are the ones that make me happy the most and when to the ending of the movie are the pictures that just make me happy.

How did you group your pictures? Why did you decide to group them this way?
I grouped the pictures by putting a title clip at the beginning and then the pictures. E.g. “I love swimming” and then the picture of the swimming pool. I decided to group them this way because I thought it would be organized.

How did you plan to create a theme that runs consistently throughout your movie?
I am going to create a theme that runs consistently throughout my movie by making all my title pages the same entry and exit of the words.

How do the effects that you added help enhance your movie?
The effects enhance my movie by making it more interesting and more enjoyable to hear and see.

Did you enjoy this part of the project why or why not?
I did enjoy this part of the project because I got learn and use some features I didn’t even know about and explore new and interesting things.

What challenges will you face when you try to create your movie and how will you overcome them?
I will face a lot of unknown challenges and problems and when they come I will either ask Ms Cofino of one of my colleagues.c